Distance Learning

In carrying out  duties, intend to put all efforts towards contributing effectively and efficiently to the achievement of the national development agenda as espoused in the Kenya Vision 2030, keeping in mind the specific priorities of the University of Nairobi.

Bearing in mind the imperative of inclusivity, to implement the following
Strategic Intentions:

  1. Create, preserve, integrate, transmit and utilize knowledge created through research and innovation;
  2. Collaborate and link with peer institutions and industry, locally and internationally; and
  3. Innovatively reengineer academic processes, core MIS applications and services for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

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Our graduates fit very well in public and private sectors nationally or internationally. The alumni are found in all organizations, ministries, consultancies, non-governmental organizations and self-employment. We have produced great men and women of this country such as senators, governors, Members of county assembly, Members of parliament, lecturers, teachers, professors, project managers, researchers, trainers and other agencies like UN, WFP not to mention the very powerful positions in the government like PS, county commissioners and other leadership positions.  Students who perform well benefit from scholarships from the government and other donors. Currently we have students who won the prestigious Queen Elizabeth11 Diamond Scholarship to study I Toronto, Canada.

Welcome to the Department Of Educational & Distance Studies and support us in development of humanity for better future through   knowledge creation, sharing and application