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    The University of Nairobi established and launched the Centre for Pedagogy and Andragogy [CEPA) on the 15TH September, 2015. This is a Centre of Excellence charged with the role of training academic staff at the University of Nairobi in teaching methods. The Center specifically does the following:


    1. Training academic  staff in design and academic programs
    2. Train the academic staff in methods of delivery of lecturers, tutorials, field study trips supervision of students on industrial attachment 
    3. Train academic staff in techniques of assessment and evaluation of learning outcome.
    4. Train academic staff in incorporating mentorship in teaching of students. Core business training academic staff.


    The Centre has been working on the establishment of working policies, structures and strategies in the first quarter of its existence. While some of these background working arrangements are continuing, the Centre has embarked on its core business of training academic staff.


    The objectives of training are; 

    1. Clarify the concept of pedagogy and andragogy and other related terminologies

    2. Strategize on engaging and activating student to learn

    3. Describe the curriculum development process and explain how to align it to teaching

    4. Discuss problem based learning in higher education

    5. Analyze assessment of leaning outcome and provision of feedback

    6. Examine the ways in which mentoring is incorporated in process of teaching in the university


    The Centre focuses on improving the quality of education and to produce graduates who will be able to apply knowledge and skills acquired from University not only to solve problems that will confront them but also equip them to be innovated job creators.

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    P. O. Box 30197-01000, 

    Nairobi, Kenya.


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